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Maine-produced web series screening at KahBang

Bangor -

BANGOR, Maine — The Maine-produced mystery-suspense web series Ragged Isle will screen its entire first season at the KahBang Music & Art Festival at 1 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 6,¬† at The Brick Church in Bangor.¬† In 2010, Maine production company The Entertainment Experiment began work on an exciting, ambitious new venture: Ragged Isle, a three-season, twenty-two-episode mystery-suspense web series set on a remote Maine island.

Gathering a team of talented Maine artists, including writers, actors, and musicians, the husband-and-wife team of Barry and Karen Dodd (Ragged Isle’s director and assistant director) began principal photography on season one in July 2010.

The first episode of Ragged Isle debuted online in March 2011, with new episodes released weekly after that. It met with critical acclaim almost immediately. The national podcast Indie Intertube, which reviews web series from around the world, praised the show on the day it launched, and the following week named it “Drama of the Week” (an honor repeated twice more).

In a write-up on the show early in the season, The Bangor Daily News wrote, “Ragged Isle falls somewhere in between David Lynch’s bizarre cult classic series Twin Peaks and a much darker, more authentically Maine version of Murder, She Wrote.”

The series cultivated fans not just from Maine, but around the world, with enthusiastic praise coming from Ireland, England, Germany, and elsewhere.

Featuring a multi-generational cast and dozens of picturesque Maine locations, the first season is comprised of ten episodes, each approximately ten minutes in length. Most episodes end on a moment of high drama, leaving fans hungry for more, and a momentous cliff-hanger closes out the season.

In the coming weeks, the Ragged Isle crew is reassembling to shoot the much-anticipated second and third seasons, expanding the storyline into even more ambitious territories. Season two will debut online in the spring of 2012.

With filming set to begin, some of the show’s stars and creators are stopping by the KahBang Music & Art Festival this weekend to screen the first season and to field questions from fans.

Please join us at www.raggedisle.com for more information and to watch complete episodes of the series from the beginning. Find out more about the KahBang Music & Art Festival at www.kahbang.com.

For more information, call 619-1969.

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