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Maine Prep Offers Statewide November SAT Prep Classes

Bangor -

STATEWIDE. Maine — Maine Prep is offering five group SAT prep courses throughout the state for high school juniors who plan to apply Early Decision to college. Classes begin Nov. 20, in Brunswick, Nov. 28, in Waterville, and Nov. 29, in Bangor, Cape Elizabeth and Falmouth. All of these 8-session 2-hour courses will prepare students for the Jan. 28, 2012 SAT test.

In order to have time to submit all required SAT tests by the November senior year deadline, college applicants must sit for their first SAT in January or March of their junior year. Doing so will allow applicants to take the SAT a second time in May to improve scores. Applicants can sit for up to three SAT Subject Tests in June and still have one final testing date in October to fine-tune SAT Subject Test scores or have one last shot at the SAT Рbefore the Early Application deadline

For further information about the November Maine Prep SAT classes call Jack Mahoney at Maine Prep, 207-798-5690, or email maineprep@gmail.com. Schedules for these classes are available by location on Maine Prep’s web site, www.maineprep.com.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Jack Mahoney

Telephone Number: (207)798-5690

Website: http://www.maineprep.com

Email: maineprep@gmail.com