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Maine Farmland Trust to Launch “Forever Farm” Program at Tide Mill Farm

Edmunds -

EDMUNDS, Maine — The¬† Maine Farmland Trust, a statewide non-profit organization working to permanently preserve and protect Maine’s agricultural lands will launch a new program, “Forever Farms”¬† from 5-8 p .m. Wednesday, Aug. 3, at Tide Mill Farm in Edmunds.¬† All members of the public are encouraged to attend. The event is free of charge.

“Forever Farms” celebrates the growing success of farmland protection efforts in Maine. For more information, call 338-6575 or visit www.foreverfarms.org.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Erin Herbig

Telephone Number: (207)338-6575

Website: http://foreverfarms.org

Email: erin@mainefarmlandtrust.org