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Maine Crafts Guild Scarborough Fine Crafts Show co-sponsored by Camp Ketcha

Scarboropugh -

STATEWIDE — Treat yourself these last beautiful days of summer! Come to lovely Camp Ketcha on the Scarborough shoreline and meet some of Maine’s finest professional craftspeople who create tomorrow’s heirlooms today. Here you will find woodworkers who choose their trees with care, who design and fashion their pieces from raw materials to finished furniture, bowls and utensils. You’ll meet potters who mix their own clays and glazes, who fire colorfully carved pieces or earth-toned wood-fired work. Meet jewelers who work with precious metals and gems, glass, bone and stone; fiber artists who create natural fiber clothing, quilts, and wall pieces. Fine basketry, blown glass, bookbinding, and more… all the time-honored crafts are here, and all are made locally, made by hand, and made to last.
Admission: $5; children admitted free.
Proceeds benefit Camp Ketcha and the Maine Crafts Guild.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Jennifer Nielsen, Show coordinator

Telephone Number: (207)799-3460

Website: http://www.mainecraftsguild.com

Email: scarborough.show@mainecraftsguild.com