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Maine Author writes with a Maine flavor

Lisbon Falls -

LISBON FALLS, Maine — Eugene Elcik, a Maine author of fiction has written two powerful novels with a Maine flavor. Elcik publications are found on Amazon.com/book. Mr. Elcik has had book signings through the state. “Desperation of Souls,” and “The Lobsterman of Deep Cove, Maine,” are adventures with a touch of romance, keeping the reader glued to chapter after chapter. His up and coming novel “Challenges,” scheduled to be release shortly, is another exciting novel about romance, crime and “wicked-good” adventure. All, published by Raven House Publishing, LLC.

Elcik is presently working on his next novel based on a true story of a cult in Maine. “Shiloh, the Deception of a Cult is based on a religious cult based in Durham, Maine in the late 1800′s and early 1900′s. A shocking story of Frank W. Sandford, and his desception to his people. This book will be available late spring or early summer 2012.

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Contact Name: Eugene Elcik, the Author

Telephone Number: (207)353-7979

Website: http://

Email: eelcik876@gmail.com