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Macabre Happenings at Hill House

Bangor -

BANGOR, Maine — The Bangor Museum and History Center is hosting Halloween events from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 27 and Tuesday, Nov. 1, at the Thomas A. Hill House. Using items from the Museum’s collections participants will learn how to read portraits taken of the deceased, interpret epitaphs from cemeteries, decipher the language of memorial needlepoint, and explore the art of hair jewelry. They may even try their hand at making hair jewelry to take home. Admission is $20. and $15 for members.
Returning this year is our Embalming and Edgar Allen Poe program on October 29 from 3 to 5 and 7 to 8:30. Attendees will learn about Victorian funeral practices and early embalming techniques.
Space is limited and reservations are required. For more information, call, 942-1900.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Jennifer Pictou

Telephone Number: (207)942-1900

Website: http://www.bangormuseum.org

Email: director@bangormuseum.org