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July Art: “Italy in Mind”

Blue Hill -

BLUE HILL – New works by local artist Dan Snyder will be displayed in the Blue Hill Library’s Britton Gallery for the month of July. The exhibit, titled Italy in Mind, will feature drawings and paintings of Italian architecture in charcoal pencil and acrylic done from photographs after returning from travels in Italy.

About the exhibit Snyder offers, “Thinking about the Villa Rotunda (a Renaissance villa in Northern Italy by Andrea Palladio), that prototypical monument, led me to consider the expressive power of buildings, not as architecture but as potential for expressive drawing: mass in space, light and dark, texture. Aside from these formal considerations however, there is also, inevitably, an element of yearning, perhaps for some form of perfection.”

Dan Snyder was born on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, and grew up largely in seaport towns in the United States where his father was stationed with the U.S. Navy. He graduated from Wesleyan University, attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and then went on to the University of New Mexico where he received an MFA in studio art and art history. He taught art and theater in private schools for many years and also worked as an illustrator and was head designer of exhibits at the Science Center of Connecticut.

Mr. Snyder moved to Brooklin with his wife Betsy Gardiner in 1995 and has a studio in the “old school building” where he continues to paint and do design and illustration for local businesses and organizations. He has exhibited his work widely in New England and has won numerous awards for his painting. The exhibit will be available during library hours for the month of July. For more information, call 374-5515.

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