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Huntsman campaign reaches half-way mark

St. Andrews, NB -

Huntsman Marine Science Centre photo/Construction has already started on the Huntsman Marine Science Centre’s new Discovery Centre project, which is set to open in June 2011.

ST. ANDREWS – With the pouring of concrete for the new Discovery Centre set to take place this week at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre, the timing for the announcement that the ‘Seal the Deal’ fund-raising campaign is at the half-way point couldn’t be better.
In October 2009, the Huntsman launched the ‘Seal the Deal’ campaign to raise the remaining $2 million it needed to complete the new Discovery Centre, which will cost $8 million to complete. With $1 million already raised, and $2.5 million from both the provincial and federal governments, the target was to reach $2 million before the doors to the new facility open in June 2011.
And after just eight months of fund-raising, the total as of July 28 stood at $1,075,059.
“We’re delighted to be so far toward the final goal already,” said Muriel Jarvis, Director of Business Development at the Huntsman.
“Of course, we’re still working hard to raise the remainder before the new building opens in just nine months time,” she added.
The new centre, complete with aquarium, 226-seat theatre, wet lab, and conference rooms will be open year-round. Plans for the new building are on show at the temporary aquarium, which is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Huntsman this year. As well as the plans, the seals, sturgeon, lobsters and other marine creatures, there are also opportunities for members of the public to contribute to the campaign.
“Members of the public can round up their purchases to the nearest dollar, add their children’s names to a seal donor wall, buy tickets for prizes, or donate to have their name on various things at the centre from theatre seats to a copper fish scale,” Jarvis added.
“We want everyone that visits us to be able to feel that they helped contribute in some way to make this new discovery centre possible.”
For more information on the centre, the aquarium, or ways to help with the campaign, contact the Huntsman at 529-1200, or email huntsman@huntsmanmarine.ca

For More Information:

Contact Name: Marlene Chase

Telephone Number: (506)529-1200

Website: http://huntsmanmarine.ca

Email: huntsman@huntsmanmarine.ca