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Human Evolution, Migration, and Development

Castine -

CASTINE РProfessor Kristin Sobolik of the University of Maine will explore the scientific evidence for human evolution and migration at the Wilson Museum at 3pm on  Friday, August 13th.

Humans have been adapting to environmental change for millions of years. As humans migrated out of arid Africa and into the more glaciated regions of the world, they encountered diverse environments which led to the modern biological and cultural diversity we see today. This look at human evolution and migration will include such scientific evidence as fossils, archaeology, mtDNA, Y chromosome, and environmental analyses.

Kristin Sobolik is a Professor of Anthropology and Climate Change, Chair of the Department of Anthropology, and Associate Director of the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine. Her research focuses on archaeobiology, the analysis of biological remains from archaeological sites, and she has conducted analyses around the world but most significantly in the southwestern and northeastern United States.

The Wilson Museum is located at 120 Perkins Street in Castine. The lecture is free and open to the public. For more information, contact 326-9247 or info@wilsonmuseum.org.

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