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Holden One Room Schoolhouse Program

Holden -

HOLDEN – The Holden Historical Society is hosting an event featuring numerous speakers who will recount many of the experiences they had while attending one of Holden’s one room schoolhouses. The event will take place at the Holden Elementary School on Rt. 1A, next to the Holden Municipal Building, from 9:00 a.m. to noon Saturday, Oct. 16.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call Francine Grant, 843-7449.

Who were the teachers, what subjects were taught, and what activities and chores were required – are just a few of the many topics to be discussed. This is certainly going to be a fun and educational time for young and old alike, giving us all a “real-life” glimpse into Holden’s past. Simply stated, the stories to be told are fascinating!

There also will be numerous photos of the one room schoolhouses, the students and teachers for all to view – before and after the discussion by former students. Towards the end of the program the public will have the chance to ask the former students any and all questions they have.

Today many might find it hard to believe, yet at one time there were 9 one room schoolhouses in Holden! This was an era of no school buses, no central heat, no indoor plumbing and certainly no computers!

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