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Hold the presses on the obituaries

Thomaston, Maine -

THOMASTON, Maine — After a lifetime of promoting artists and their work as a critic, curator and director of non-profit art galleries, John Chandler determined to call it quits and make his own art, so he began writing plays. In the past ten years he has written a dozen plays and the book for a musical. Then, at seventy-eight, he heard that an old artist friend, Bill Martin, age 85, had terminal cancer. Bill has had considerable success as a sculptor and print maker, but he never got the recognition he deserved in the press, and never had a major retrospective of his life’s work. This lack of recognition from the ‘art world’ is mostly due to the fact that all of his major sculptures were commissioned for large public spaces and were permanently installed.

So Chandler resolved to come out of retirement and write at least on more book about an artist, not to promote him, but as a parting gift to an old friend who deserved to have something to leave to his family, his friends and his collectors.

After the book was published, with the help of Jane Karker, David Allen and Genie Dailey at Maine Authors Publishing in Rockland, the chemo therapy appears to have eliminated, at least temporarily, the cancer on Martin’s liver. “He will outlive me yet,” said Chandler, who added “who will write the book about me?”

Both the author and his subject will be at the Personal Bookstore in Thomaston to talk about their collaboration and to sign copies of “William Barriss Martin:Drawings in Space” on Nov. 12, from 4 to 6:30 p.m. The Personal Bookstore adjoins a new Frost-Gully art gallery where Darlov Ipkar, who is senior by far to both chandler and Martin, is showing her latest works.

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