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Herring Gut’s Hidden Treasures

Port Clyde -

PORT CLYDE – The public is invited to an evening of treasure hunting from 5:30 to 7 pm on Wednesday, August 18th at Herring Gut Learning Center, 59 Factory Road. Join Geocacher Margot Anne Kelley for an introduction to geocaching at the center and then a short expedition to a hidden site in Port Clyde.

Geocaching is a 21st century game of hide and seek. Game players the world over search for treasure by longing onto http://www.geocaching.com to find the latitude and longitude coordinates of a hidden cache. Using a hand-held GPS, or Smartphone, one can locate the loot. Unlike piracy of old, it is expected that you’ll bring a treasure to replace the one you take. Cameras and logbooks are sometimes also included in the box to record visits.

Geocaching began in 2000 after the “selective availability” (intentional degradation of GPS signals by US Government) function on 24 satellites was turned off. Immediately civilian GPS enthusiasts discovered the accuracy of GPS data improved ten-fold.

To test this, a computer consultant, named Dave Ulmer, hid a bucket in the woods near his home in Beavercreek, Oregon, with a logbook, a pencil, and various prize items. He noted the position of his cache, posted it on a GPS users’ group and waited. Within two days folks had written saying they’d found his stash and the game was born.

The event is free and open to the public. For more information: info@herringgut.org or call 372-8677. Please wear shoes appropriate for treasure hunting.

Margot Anne Kelley is an artist and educator living in Port Clyde whose work often combines photography, writing, and locative media in ways that provoke new engagements with place. Her book Local Treasures: Geocaching Across America was published in 2006.

Herring Gut Learning Center is a non-profit marine education center using aquaculture and marine science as a springboard to learning. Year-round offerings include middle and high school aquaculture and marine science courses, after-school and community outreach activities, teacher training workshops and marine science summer camps.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Maryanne Vanasse

Telephone Number: (207)372-8677

Website: http://www.herringgut.org

Email: mvanasse@herringgut.org