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Heavy Equipment Day

Houlton -

HOULTON – Women Unlimited will host Heavy Equipment Day events from 9:00 a.m. to noon Saturday, Sept. 18 at the Maine Department of Transportation Maintenance Lot in Houlton.

Using the theme “Feel the Earth Move!”, Women Unlimited arranges these one-day events for people who are curious about the equipment used in road and bridge construction. In a stress-free environment, people are encouraged to climb up on and actually operate machinery such as excavators, rollers, backhoes, and dump trucks.

Elizabeth Jamison, Women Unlimited’s Executive Director, believes these Heavy Equipment Day events benefit potential construction workers as well as the companies who host them. The construction industry is losing experienced workers faster than they can be replaced; companies who welcome all qualified workers, regardless of race or gender, will be the forerunners in Maine’s construction future.

Maine could once brag about the high percentage of women and minorities entering road and bridge construction – only California came close to matching Maine’s outstanding record. In recent history, this rate of women and minorities on federally-funded projects has plummeted. Women Unlimited actively partners with companies who support the non-profit’s mission of providing access to trade, transportation, and technical careers for women, minorities, and displaced workers to return to (and surpass) the previous numbers.

For more information, contact Women Unlimited at (800) 281-5259.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Trisha Mosher

Telephone Number: (800)281-5259

Website: http://womenunlimited.org

Email: tmosher@womenunlimited.org