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“Hands In Space” Visits Challenger Learning Center

Bernard -

Peter Homer of Flagsuit LLC (left) delivering “Hands In Space” to the Island Astronomy Institute’s Executive Director, Peter Lord (right)

BERNARD -  The Island Astronomy Institute announced the delivery of its new portable “Hands In Space” demonstration unit, manufactured by Flagsuit LLC under a joint working agreement. The two organizations joined forces to present a unique educational experience based on Mr. Homer’s innovative solution to one of the oldest problems in space travel.

In space an astronaut’s glove swells up like a balloon becoming stiff and inflexible, remarkably Mr. Homer’s innovative design is significantly easier to use than NASA’s current technology.

Reaching out into the vacuum “filled” hands in space exhibit lets people feel the forces within pressurized space suits that NASA has struggled with for decades. “The experience is irresistible!” stated Lord. The first student to encounter the exhibit at the Challenger Learning Center of Maine immediately asked to try it out. Within minutes an entire class from Tremont School in Maine was lined up for their chance to feel the future of working in space.

Mr. Homer and the Institute’s new “Hands In Space” mini glove box will be featured in a public exhibit this fall at the Challenger Learning Center of Maine during the Maine Starlight Festival. Mr. Homer’s ability to out-design NASA using simple economical materials and persistent Yankee ingenuity continues to generate national media attention from the New York Times, to WIRED Magazine and the Discovery Channel.

Flagsuit LLC was founded in 2007 to commercialize technology developed for Peter Homer’s winning entry in the 2007 NASA Astronaut Glove Challenge. Based in coastal Maine, the company is focused on streamlining the production of “Made To Fit” elements for suborbital and future planetary space suits. www.flagsuit.com

For more information about the Challenger Learning Center of Maine programs, call  990 2900 or visit  www.astronaut.org.

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