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Halting Holiday Hunger Project provides food for 150 children

Hancock & Washington Counties -

HANCOCK, Maine – Many working families are struggling to get by. An increasing number of children rely on school meals. In Hancock County, 42.3% of children receive subsidized school meals (61.5% in Washington County). During school vacation weeks, numerous families are challenged to provide enough food for their children. According to the USDA, 43% of Maine families struggling to feed their children do not qualify for any assistance and they have to rely on charity food assistance programs.

To support Hancock and Washington County families, Downeast Health Services began a special project‚ÄĒHalting Holiday Hunger for School Kids. The goal was to create healthy snack packs to provide 100 kids with food throughout the upcoming Holiday vacation break. Thanks to generous community support, the project collected 2,700 healthy snacks, enough to create packs to provide two snacks a day for 150 children for the 9 days they are out of school for their Holiday break.

While a success, this project is not a cure all but an effort to build an awareness that 1 in 4 children in Maine suffer from food insecurity. Downeast Health works to provide for the health, safety and well being of children and their families in Downeast Maine. For more information, visit downeasthealth.org.

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