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Green Campus Initiative

Orono -

ORONO – The Green Campus Initiative is proudly presenting Project 350, in association with 10/10/10 climate change campaign. This is meant to be a day of action, where people around the world will be doing their part to decrease carbon emissions. As a global phenomenon this project has the power to influence those in positions to make reform. Our goal, as seen in the title of Project 350, is to decrease the parts per million of carbon in our atmosphere to 350. Currently it is around 392 parts per million. The event is from noon to 4 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 6 on the University of Maine campus on The Mall or the Multipurpose Room in the Memorial Union if raining. The event will include a free vegan BBQ, free items such as bags, t-shirts, free coffee (bring your own mug), thanks to Verve. There will also be opportunities to win gift cards and coupons from Verve.

Green Campus Initiative (GCI) is a broad based, student-led effort toward environmental awareness and stewardship by promoting sustainable relationships between the ecological, economic and social systems on campus and in the local community.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Lauren Duplin (Green Campus Initiative Events Manager)

Telephone Number: (207)239-8753

Website: http://

Email: lauren.duplin@umit.maine.edu