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Good Life Center Announces 2011 Monday Night Meeting Series

Harborside, Maine (Brooksville) -

HARBORSIDE, Maine — Beth Adams will open the Good Life Center’s annual Monday Night Meeting series at 7 p.m. Monday, July 25, at Nearing Homestead at Forest Farm, 372 Harborside Road in  Harborside (Brooksville). “Imagine Peace!”  is a discussion of peace, creativity and social and environmental justice. This year’s series will offer five Mondays of entertaining, thought-provoking and uplifting discussions following in the Nearings’ Monday Night Meeting tradition, with speakers including Adams, Greg Joly, Tomlin Coggeshall, Kevin Campbell and Warren Berkowitz.
Adams, a former resident of Blue Hill, is a peace and environmental activist, journalist, and songwriter now residing in Western Massachusetts. Participants are encouraged to bring a work of art, story or opinion piece, song or poem, or just come and listen to a discussion of creative visions and actions toward a future predominated by peace, social and environmental justice.
For more information, call 374-5386.
The homestead is a half hour drive from Blue Hill. From Blue Hill village, take Routes 176, 15, and 175 through South Brooksville, turn left onto Cape Rosier and follow the signs for The Good Life Center to 372 Harborside Road.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Warren Berkowitz

Telephone Number: (207)374-5386

Website: http://goodlifecenter.org

Email: information@goodlife.org