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Pat Hunt, Candidate for District 9 Representative, Visits 1000 Voters at Home

Danforth -

ISLAND FALLS – Patrick E. Hunt of Island Falls is running for Maine State Representative in District 9.  Hunt has been going door-to-door and visiting voters at their homes during his campaign. Hunt has visited over 1000 voters in District 9 so far, in the towns of Benedicta, Crystal, Dyer Brook, Hersey, Island Falls, Linneus, Merrill, Oakfield, Patten, Sherman, Silver Ridge, Smyrna, and Stacyville.
For each town in the district, local citizens have volunteered to serve as Hunt’s town campaign managers. These campaign managers have driven Pat around their towns to visit with their neighbors.  The town campaign managers so far include:  Victor “Butch” Botting (Benedicta and Silver Ridge), Winnie Desmond (Crystal and Hersey), John Getchell (Crystal), Drew Edwards (Dyer Brook), Dean McLaughlin (Dyer Brook), Eileen Hunt Botting (Island Falls), Walt O’Roak (Island Falls), Douglas Batchelder  (Merrill, Moro, and Smyrna), Jay Burpee (Oakfield), Cathy Pond-Evans (Patten),  Tom Perrin (Herseytown, Mt. Chase, Sherman, Stacyville), Wayne Randall (Linneus, Ludlow), Shelley Sylvester (New Limerick), Donald Bubar (Bancroft, Macwahoc, Reed), and Steve Hanington (Glenwood, Haynesville, Weston).
Hunt has upcoming door-to-door visits in Bancroft, Glenwood, Haynesville, Macwahoc, New Limerick, Reed, and Weston.  His goal is to visit all 25 towns in the district prior to the November 2nd general election.
Regarding the visits, Hunt said: “I am grateful for the hospitality and kindness of citizens in our community.  I have truly enjoyed visiting my neighbors and listening to their political concerns. If elected, I promise to be an effective representative of our region by continuing to listen to my fellow citizens and returning every phone call.”
When Hunt visits local citizens, he gives them his campaign literature.  The flyer states Hunt’s campaign platform:  boost industry and tourism, bring back jobs to our region, and save our community schools.
Hunt is a native of Island Falls who has run his own law practice, serving the Northern Penobscot and Southern Aroostook areas, in his hometown since 1983.

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