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Food pantry charity yard sale

Brewer -

BREWER – Neighbors Supporting Neighbors Food Pantry in Hermon will be having a charity yard sale at the Eagles Club in Brewer at 10:00 a.m. Saturday Sept. 4. There will be a $5 donation per person (children included) taken at the door which will allow shoppers to load up on all they can carry. No strollers, bags, boxes etc will be allowed. All funds will be deposited into our building account for the building of our 3 bedroom emergency shelter, food pantry and soup kitchen on the Billings Road in Hermon. We are looking for volunteers to help us unload our 18 wheeler the morning of the event beginning at 7 A.M. We are desperate for as many hands as possible to get the truck unloaded and items set up inside before opening the doors. Please contact Carol Lackedy volunteer director at 299-5186 anytime to sign up to volunteer. We are still collecting items to be added to the sale (excluding clothing and appliances please). Items can be picked up by our volunteers, dropped off the day of the event or dropped off prior.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Carol Lackedy

Telephone Number: (207)299-5186

Website: http://

Email: lackedyc@fc.husson.edu