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Firearms of the Past

Castine -

A blunderbuss from the Wilson Museum collection. Wilson Museum photo.

CASTINE -¬† Gary Spencer will present “Firearms of the Past” at 3pm on Thursday, July 22nd at the Wilson Museum, 120 Perkins Street .

Gun and military enthusiasts will enjoy Mr. Spencer’s in-depth look at six different types of firearms in the Museum’s collection ranging from an early U.S. flintlock, to one of the guns that “won the west.” The history and uses of each weapon will be discussed as will the development of patterns and standardizations when firearms became the dominant military weapon in the 18th century.

Gary Spencer is a native of Farmington, a graduate of Carrebec High School and a current student at Maine Maritime Academy. Beginning as an avid outdoorsman, Gary’s enthusiasm for guns and gun safety has grown to include a great interest in Maine and US military history.

The lecture is free and open to the public. For more information, contact 326-9247 or info@wilsonmuseum.org

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