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Fantasy comes to life in new novel ‘Kady of Quid’

Troy -

BANGOR – “Kady of Quid,” the new, breakout novel by K. Hutson Warrington will début at the Bangor Public Library from 5-7pm on August 24th. Bring your children for a special reading and a meet and greet with several of the characters from the story.
There will be a book signing in Bar Harbor at Sherman’s Bookstore on August 26th from 6-8pm. Accompanying Warrington will be ‘Kady’, played by the author’s daughter, Emily.
“Don’t tell me faeries, elves and dragons don’t exist,” 5-year old Kady insisted again and again to her parents. Now at fifteen, Kady must fulfill a destiny far beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.
So, c’mon, dare you imagine? Go with Kady to a place told of only in faerie tales. A place filled with spriggans and phookas, dwarves and dragons. In Quid, Kady learns to believe in herself, in the courage of others and the acceptance of those unlike herself.
Warrington moved to Troy, Maine, over three years ago, a lifelong dream come true for the mother of four. The adventures for “Kady of Quid” begin in Maine, which for Warrington, is the perfect setting. Maine readily lends its brilliant landscape for imaginations filled with “What-if’s, Maybe’s and “Possible’s” that perhaps there are Dwarves, Nucklavee, Spriggans, and the occasional Brownie living under your dryer.
Part of the proceeds from “Kady of Quid” go to the Children’s Miracle Network.
For more information contact: The Bangor Public Library and Sherman’s Bookstore at 288-3161.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Kathy Warrington

Telephone Number: (207)487-1549

Website: http://kadyofquid.net

Email: k_of_quid@msn.com