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Family Challenges Maine to Save Lives

State of Maine -

STATEWIDE – They have no home, very little belongings, and they’re in Maine asking you to sign up as an organ/tissue donor.In April 2010, the Greiner family sold almost everything they own and hopped in a minivan nicknamed “Carmen” to visit each state for a week in hopes of inspiring people across the USA to register as organ donors.

“It’s a solvable problem,” states Mike Greiner, a transplant recipient of a kidney and pancreas seven years ago. “Over 108,000 people are currently waiting for transplants, 19 of which die every day. We’re just doing what we can to make it easy to register.”

They created the My State Cares challenge to help facilitate the solution. Each state gets one day while the Greiners are there to try and register more donors by percentage than any other state. Maine’s challenge date is September 21.

You can register as an organ/tissue donor and follow the Greiner’s trip at www.MyStateCares.org. The website will take you to the appropriate online registration form for Maine, or any state.

“By signing up, you can one day save eight other lives and help 50 more,” adds Sheri Greiner. “You can save a life like my husband’s, and don’t worry, you get the same medical care whether you’re an organ donor or not.”

“It’s costs nothing to be a donor, and you can still have an open casket,” Mike continues, “These are the myths we are battling across the country.”

The family has logged over 18,500 miles and 350 hours in their van. Maine is the 21st state they have visited.

“We’re just asking people to take 2 minutes at www.MyStateCares.org to one day save or help 60 other people. It doesn’t get much easier than that.”

While in Maine, the Greiner’s are working with the New England Organ Bank which can be contacted for more information about organ/tissue donation at (800) 446-6362.

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