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El-Deb Inc Presents Workshop in Poverty and Education at WCCC

Calais -

CALAIS, Maine — As the fight for improved education continues, administrators and educators have found a new resource: Essential Learning for Designing Educational Bridges (or El-Deb Inc). El-Deb Inc is a non-profit that provides the resources for schools, businesses and community organizations working with children and adults from poverty. The company services and supports educational and community organizations by presenting workshops, conferences and holding consultations that provide insight into poverty and techniques necessary for improved relationships.

At WCCC, El-Deb Inc. presented a workshop entitled ‚ÄúStrategic Intervention Strategies for Under-Resourced Learners‚ÄĚ for the faculty and staff of WCCC, as well as Calais public school teachers, U Maine Machias faculty and Cobscook Community Learning Center staff. The workshop focused on a discussion of the resources students need to have successful experiences with higher education, and techniques for the clients to use in order to assist children and young adults lacking those resources.

Scheibel and Miller taught practical techniques for educators to build mutual respect with students and parents, thereby allowing their working relationship to lead to more positive outcomes. They also emphasized the importance of providing students with accurate information about the resources and opportunities available to them, explaining that students from poverty and first-generation college applicants may not be aware of the application processes, scholarships and financial aid opportunities that make college a feasible option.

Washington County Community College, already within the top 10% of community colleges in the United States, has been recognized in Washington D.C. for its high retention and graduation rates. According to David Markow, Dean of Academic and Student Affairs at Washington County Community College, their success comes with continued work in understanding how to better facilitate the student body that WCCC serves.

El-Deb Inc. is a 501(c) not-for-profit company based in Troy, Maine. Their mission is to eradicate poverty through common understanding and to promote mutually respectful working relationships between schools, parents and the community at large. For more information about El-Deb Inc., visit their website at www.el-debinc.com or email eldeb.inc@gmail.com

For More Information:

Contact Name: Jessica Hackett

Telephone Number: (207)659-0542

Website: http://el-debinc.com

Email: eldeb.inc@gmail.com