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Eat like a Civil War Soldier

Castine -

CASTINE, Maine – Ouch! That’s probably what you’d say if you bit into a type of biscuit called hardtack without dunking it in liquid first. Hardtack is a mixture of flour and water that hardens to a rock-like consistency when baked. It was once used by sailors and soldiers, and was valued because it lasted a long time without rotting and was cheap to make.

On Thursday, August 18 from 2:30 – 4:00 P.M., enjoy a teeth shattering helping of hardtack—we’ll give you something to dunk it in—while you learn why it was used during the Civil War and other interesting facts about life as a Civil War soldier. You will even be able to make your own hardtack dough to take home!

Families with members of all ages are welcome to join us for this free program. Parental involvement is required for children under the age of six. Space is limited, so please pre-register for this program by contacting 326-9247 or info@wilsonmuseum.org.

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