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Down East Film To Show At Grand

Ellsworth -

When Bob MacLeod needs to take a break from raking, he breaks out the bagpipes. In this scene from "Postcards From Way Down East" he is playing "Scotland The Brave." MacLeod rakes for Del and Marie Emerson on their blueberry farm in Wescogus. Photo by Brenda Jepson

ELLSWORTH – A film showcasing life in Down East Maine will be shown at The Grand Theater in Ellsworth at 3pm on Monday, August 16th  in the three day Image Gazer Film Festival.

“Postcards From Way Down East,” an hour long documentary featuring live sequences from a puffin trip out of Cutler to pottery making in Columbia Falls, celebrates the people, places and past times of Down East Maine in various seasons of the year.

Dylan Howard, the film festival organizer told film maker Brenda Jepson, “I am really happy to be showing this film. I loved it. Thank you for making our event a success.”

Jepson, a resident of Stockholm, who spends part of every year with her husband, Alan, at their Down East cottage in South Addison, is pleased that the film has been so well received.

“What really excited me was when April Adams had a lady come into her pottery shop this past February to say that she had moved Down East from out of state after seeing our film,” said Jepson. “The beautiful scenery and simple way of life depicted in the film convinced her to re-locate. It doesn’t get any better than that!”

For more information, go to crownofmaineproductions.com or contact Brenda Jepson at abjepson@ainop.com or call 207 896 3416.

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