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Discover with Darren: Farm Animals of Colonial Days

Castine -

CASTINE, Maine – The past was much simpler, or so says the popular myth. In reality, a lot of hard work went into meeting the basic needs of survival. In colonial America, some of these needs—food, drink and clothing—were often met by raising domesticated animals. On July 14, 2:30 P.M., Timberwyck Farm will bring a goat, a pig, chickens, and a sheep to the lawn next to the Wilson Museum where visitors will learn the importance of farm animals to the colonial era. The event will include a wool-spinning demonstration and a sampling of some delicious mutton sausage.

Timberwyck Farm is located on the Shore Road in Castine. The farm is run by Emma Sweet and Colin Powell who strive to increase the public’s knowledge and appreciation of farms and agriculture. For more information on this local business, visit their website at http://www.timberwyckfarm.com/.

For more information on this Wilson Museum program, please contact info@wilsonmuseum.org or call 326-9247. Join us every Thursday at 2:30 P.M. for a similar family-friendly program.

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