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Dayan: “Israel’s Future and the Urgency of Two States”

Bangor -

BANGOR–Yael Dayan, former Knesset member and current chair of the Tel Aviv-Yafo City Council, will speak on “Israel’s Future and the Urgency of Two States” at 7 p.m. Nov. 10 at  Congregation Beth Israel, 144 York Street, Bangor. The event is sponsored by J Street Eastern Maine. For more information contact Joyce Schelling at 207469 7430.

Dayan, who is the daughter of the late Israeli General Moshe Dayan, will discuss the necessity of American leadership in bringing about a two-state solution, which she calls the “best and only option” for peace. Dayan has worked tirelessly as a peace activist, joining the leadership of Peace Now and calling for the end to the occupation, evacuation of settlements, and active dialogue with the Palestinian Authority.

Ms. Dayan is the author of eight books, including six novels. She has been a journalist for forty years, writing political commentary in both Israeli and foreign press. Beginning in1992, Ms. Dayan served three terms as a Labor Party Member of Knesset. She was a leading member of the Meretz party and a signatory to the Geneva Accords, and now serves as Chairman of the City Council in charge of Human Rights. Dayan has worked closely with many grassroots organizations to call for an end to the occupation, the evacuation of settlements, and for active dialogue with Palestinians in order to bring about a two-state solution. For her work, Dayan has been awarded the Bruno Kreisky Human Rights Award (1991), and the Olof Palme Award for Peace (1998). She was chosen for the French Weekly, “Express’ 100 Women who Make the World Move (1995) and was honored by the State of the World Forum as one of the Women Redefining Leadership (1997).

J Street Eastern Maine is the local grassroots arm of J Street, the political home for pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans. J Street was founded to give political voice to mainstream American Jews and other supporters of Israel who, informed by their progressive and Jewish values, believe that a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is essential to Israel’s survival as the national home of the Jewish people and as a vibrant democracy. J Street’s mission is two-fold: first, to advocate for urgent American diplomatic leadership to achieve a two-state solution and a broader regional, comprehensive peace and, second, to ensure a broad debate on Israel and the Middle East in national politics and the American Jewish community.

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