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Cushing -

CUSHING – The Cushing Historical Society will hold its Annual Meeting at 7pm, Thursday, July 8 to elect Officers and Trustees, at the meeting house on Hathorn Point Road. Immediately following, the Society will be formally given the Lawrence Parsons Jr. Bible and other documents relating to the Parsons family and early Cushing history. Doug Stenberg, Society President, will accept the gift.

Otis Page, Jr., of Arroyo Grande, California, a descendent of Parsons, has done extensive genealogical research on the family, and is the present owner of the Bible of Capt. Lawrence Parsons, Jr.. Capt. Lawrence was the seventh Parsons child, who grew up in Cushing, and eventually owned a Tannery in the town. Mr. Page, after considerable correspondence with Society members, decided that the family bible, and other documents and genealogy, ought to be part of the Society’s permanent collection.

Peter Haviland, Society past president and a distant relative of Otis Page, explains: “The Society is honored to receive this valuable piece of early Cushing History. But the presentation is more than dry documents. We will hear about romance and marriage on the high seas, threats of Indians, and how the ship’s captain came to give his own hundred acre farm on Broad Cove to the newlyweds.”

Bradley Beckett, local Cushing Historian, in his book Settlers and Soldiers of Cushing Maine Before 1760, lists Lawrence Parsons as one of 98 men as “Early Settlers.” (Women were not recorded by name.) Born in Ireland, Parsons the elder arrived in Cushing by boat around 1750. The first Town Meeting was held in his home in 1789. The 1820 Census records him as head of a “household of six persons.” FMI 354- 6351.For more information please email cushinghistoricalsociety.org

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