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MADAWASKA – The Madawaska Snowmobile Club is excited to announce that they will be hosting the Madawaska 100 USCC Cross Country Snowmobile Race on Feb. 19 in Madawaska. The race will take place on the river bank (flats) of the St. John River, which separates Madawaska, Maine United States and Edmundston, NB Canada.

This is a very exciting event for the St. John River Valley area and we are hoping for your support in promoting it to its fullest extent.  Closer to the event we will be meeting with your advertising department on the possibility of purchasing ads.  So, if you could please send us information on who we would need to contact it would be very helpful to us.

This is the first year that Madawaska will be hosting a USCC Race.¬† The USCC is based out of Minto, ND and draws professional and amateur snowmobile racers from across North America to each of its events.¬† The USCC Racing Circuit is the largest cross-country snowmobile racing organization in North America.¬† Cross-country racing is unique because the racers sleds are basically stock. The products that are being developed or used by cross-country racers usually become available to the average rider. This is what makes cross-country racing so rewarding‚Ķit’s a proving ground for the manufacturers, it provides exposure for the sponsors and it benefits the consumer.

The organizing committee is confident that this race will be a huge success, and that it will have a positive economic impact on the region.  The organizing of this event has begun and things are moving forward nicely.  Races such as this draw people from all over the country and the committee is very eager to showcase the area and all that it has to offer.

For more information on this race and how you can help your area to make this a success, you can contact Jean Ouellette by phone at 207-728-3395 or 207-316-8287 or by email at martinsmotel@myfairpoint.net . And, you may contact Mike Guerrette at 207-728-7097 or by email at guerrette57@gmail.com .

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