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Colloquy Downeast Winter Courses

Blue Hill -

BLUE HILL, Maine — Registration for Colloquy Downeast winter courses is now open. Beginning its eleventh year, Colloquy Downeast is a non-profit volunteer organization offering a variety of topics for discussion and study. The weekly seminars are led by local facilitators and emphasize participation and discussion.
Winter Seminars include “Samuel de Champlain: Early Explorer of Maine and Father of New France” with John Roberts, “American Power: Our Prospects on the Future World Stage” with Ron Lesko, “Biodiversity” with David Porter, “Sustaining a Community Scale Fishery: Ecological and Policy Issues” with Robin Alden and ted Ames, “Shackleton” with Ruth Davis, and The Globalization Paradox: Democracy and Capitalism in a World of Nation States” with Richard Howe.
For a description of each seminar please go to www.colloquydowneast.org or write to Colloquy Downeast at PO Box 394, Blue Hill 04614. Advanced registration is required with a limit of 15 to ensure active participation in the discussions.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Colloquy Downeast PO Box 394 Blue Hill 04614