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Carroll Thayer Berry exhibit

Blue Hill -

"Lobsterman" chiaroscuro wood engraving c.1966 11" by 13 3/16"

BLUE HILL – The wood engravings of Carroll Thayer Berry (1886-1978) “Downeast Print maker”, have become emblematic of Maine. Prints like “Deer Isle Thoroughfare”, ”Retired from the Sea” and “Lobsterman- Homeward Bound” exemplify the richness and simplicity of Down East Maine.
His consummate craftsmanship and natural approach created a body of work that is immediately recognizable as his. Born in New Gloucester, Maine and working out of Rockport, Berry chronicled
scenes from almost every town of Downeast and Midcoast Maine. After an initial experimental period, he settled on the affordable medium of the woodblock during the Depression before a late series of compositions influenced by the theory of Dynamic Symmetry. The Liros Gallery is offering a selection of these prints from August 1st through September 1st, that range from the familiar scenic “Cradle Cove” and “Camden Harbor’ to the rarer floral and Bath Iron Works destroyers and even Apocalyptic late works like “Solitude” and “End of a World”.
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