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Carousel Music Theater Premieres Sinatra Cabaret

Boothbay Harbor -

BOOTHBAY HARBOR, Maine — “Genius” is a moniker few can carry with authenticity. It is what Dominic Garvey, Carousel Music Theater Artistic Director Emeritus and creator of the Sinatra cabaret premiering this week in its entirety, calls Frank Sinatra as he, Garvey, talks about Old Blue Eyes’ life, loves, passions and performances.
Sinatra’s “genius” according to Garvey was “his incredible ability to get to the heart of a really good song and communicate it. Some people loved him and some thought he was evil incarnate.” Garvey tells the tale of two women from his early life – sisters: one of whom loved Sinatra and one who detested him. The one who detested the icon did so because of Sinatra’s evil side – his multiple marriages and his possible connection to the Mafia. Garvey notes, “Genius does not direct one’s personal life in any way, shape or form.” The one who loved Sinatra took Garvey to see him at the Masbaum Theater in Philadelphia in 1942. Seeing Sinatra is a memory that has returned through the years, calling Garvey to read, study and collect all he could about Frank and his life and his works.
Sinatra got noticed in a world so full of performers because, Garvey explains, Frank bucked the system. “Singers in the Big Band era were considered as ‘another instrument’ in the orchestra. Sinatra was the first to strike out on his own.” In short, Sinatra could truly say, “I Did It My Way.”
With so many hits, choosing selections to be showcased in the cabaret had to be difficult. Garvey says he tended to let biggest record sales and tunes from the movies inspire his choices. Over the years, performers of all stripes have chosen to sing Sinatra hits and the talented Carousel cast members are eager to bring their own voices to these legendary songs. “Listening is a way of reminding us of what Sinatra and a great song is able to do to us,” says Garvey.
As always, the Carousel cabaret is performed while the audience dines. Accompanying the theater’s deli choices now through October 8 will be Sinatra’s delightful musical selections – from “High Hopes” to “Our Love is Here to Stay” to “Chicago” to, yes, of course, “I Did It My Way” and much more – food for the body and music for the soul.
Carousel’s Sinatra cabaret is paired with the after dinner stage show “Phantom of the Grand Ole Opry.” “Phantom” features some of Elvis’ most memorable tunes ensconced in a melodrama about a young girl who just wants to sing “at the Grand Ole Opry (da,da,da,da – shades of that other Phantom and Opera story) in Nashville.” Complete with a villain and a hero, it’s the perfect ending to a night of musical entertainment.
Carousel Music Theatre begins seating at 6:30, Tuesdays through Sundays, and reservations are suggested. For more information and to make reservations, call 633-5297 or log on to www.carouselmusictheater.org.

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