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Carousel Music Theater Opens New Show

Boothbay Harbor -

BOOTHBAY HARBOR, Maine — It’s a little bit dinner and a lot of entertainment — Carousel Music Theater is one of a kind. Enjoy a cup of soup, an overstuffed deli sandwich and a dinner cabaret – all served by a most enthusiastic group of performers. Then sit back for the feature show where the extraordinary musical and theatrical talents of those who have just waited your table come shining through.

Now through through August 28 it’s Murder a la Moliere on stage – a new twist on perfomring Moliere while there’s rumor of a murder mystery backstage. CAn you imagine Moliere with music from the 1970′s folk era? Our cast will be doing double duty as they perform a show about trying to put on a comedy when someone has been done in!

For More Information:

Contact Name: Carousel Music Theater

Telephone Number: (207)633-5297

Website: http://www.carouselmusictheater.org

Email: info@carouselmusictheater.org