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Care & Comfort Jean Day Funds Presented To Homeless Services of Aroostook

Presque Isle -

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — The employees of Care & Comfort’s Presque Isle Branch recently donated the proceeds of their annual Jean Fund to Homeless Services of Aroostook. The gift, matched by Care & Comfort corporate, along with a tote full of children’s Christmas presents and one containing toiletries and personal hygiene items for shelter residents was presented to Steve Eyeler, Executive Director of Homeless Services. “We operate the only homeless shelter in all of Aroostook County,” said Eyeler. “We have over 30 beds that are full each night and a wait list to get in, the needs are greater than ever and in these tough economic times we are challenged to be able to meet these needs as donations are down. We sincerely thank Care & Comfort for selecting us”.
“Jeans Day is a great opportunity for our employees working in Aroostook County to be involved in helping the homeless in an innovative and fun way,” said Susan D. Giguere, Founder and CEO of Care & Comfort. “We all have it within our power to make a difference in the lives of some in our community, and Jeans Day is just one of many ways we are doing just that, I am so proud of our staff!”
For information about Homeless Services of Aroostook and how you too can help please visit www.aroostookhomeless.org. For information about Care & Comfort, their website is www.careandcomfort.com.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Destini Bates

Telephone Number: (207)764-3071

Website: http://www.careandcomfort.com