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Calling all Cowboys, Cowgirls & Spectators

Blue Hill -

BLUE HILL – Calling all Cowboys, Cowgirls, Spectators and all those interested in the cowboy mystique! The Blue Hill Regulators will be hosting their second Cowboy Action Shoot of the season on August 7, at the Blue Hill Rifle & Pistol Club on Range Road in Blue Hill.

Come relive your youth with the likes of Roy, Dale, Hoppy, The Lone Ranger, Wild Bill & The Duke. Return to an age where a handshake meant something, a man’s word was his bond, a lady was a Lady (most of the time) and you always knew who the Bad Guys were.

For those unfamiliar with Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS), participants dress in proper 1850-1899 outfits and adopt an alias befitting their chosen persona. With safety being the primary concern, participants then engage targets using original or reproduction firearms of that storied period in American History.

The targets are arranged in ‘Stages’ depicting a particular scenario or event. Participants are then timed as the shoot each stage. With it’s long history of hosting CAS events, Blue Hill Rifle & Pistol Club is a great place to come watch all the action.

The August 7 shoot will consist of 6 Stages, each exploring “OCCUPATIONS IN THE OLD WEST”. Registration for participants begins at 8:00 in the clubhouse. The Safety Meeting, required for all participants, begins at 8:30. The shoot commences at 9:00.

Spectators are welcome to drop by at any time, but you should know we offer up a great lunch for only $5.00! For more information, contact Woodbutcher at BHRegulators@yahoo.com

For More Information:

Contact Name: Woodbutcher

Email: BHRegulators@yahoo.com