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Brewer Library to Sponsor the Fofer Show

Brewer -

Fofer Show coming to Brewer on August 4th

BREWER -  Kids and parents alike can enjoy a magical, musical afternoon with The Fofer Show, transporting them to the special secret island of Fof, off the coast of Maine, home to the multi-colored furry Fofers (rhymes with gophers) and their gentle four-legged friends, the Peaceballs. The Fofers like to ride bikes, climb trees, row boats and explore the forest, meadow and shore, befriending the wondrous plants and animals who share their world.
The Fofer Show is a mesmerizing animated concert featuring Maine multimedia artist Shana Barry’s imaginative tales and gentle guitar and ukulele. Her soothing voice is accompanied by beautifully illustrated projected animations she’s created, which include song lyrics so young readers can follow along.
The Fofers were influenced by Barry’s childhood on Peaks Island. “I spent most of my time outside,” she says, “In the woods or on the beach, experiencing the natural world. Fof was inspired by my childhood island, but is really the island of my dreams.”
Barry’s upbeat and intelligent lyrics and her cool “indie-folk” sound have garnered praise from reviewers. “Her beautiful acoustic songs are like short stories,” wrote Cookie Magazine, “with dreamy, image-filled lyrics that hold a kid’s attention.” In his blog “Kids’ Music that Rocks,” Warren Truitt, Senior Children’s Librarian at New York Public Library, wrote “This is beautiful, quiet, mysterious music that honors kids by challenging their perceptions and vocabularies.”
The Fofer Show comes to the Brewer Public Library, 100 South Main Street, for a free performance on Wednesday, August 4 at 3:30 p.m. The show is part of an afternoon celebration of the library’s end of Summer Reading Program. For more information call (207) 989-7943. Visit Fofers.com for music and animations.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Donna Rasche

Telephone Number: (207)989-7943

Website: http://www.brewer.lib.me.us

Email: drasche@brewerme.org