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Blankets for Maine Kids

Houlton -

HOULTON, Maine – Blanket America is partnering with Aid for Kids to provide free, fleece blankets to those in need throughout Maine. For every person who goes online to www.blanketamerica.com/content/maine-kids and signs up for the Blanket America newsletter, one fleece blanket will be donated to Aid for Kids. Ellis reports there is no limit on the number of free blankets that can be obtained by Aid for Kids and that people can cancel out of the newsletter if they do not want to continue receiving it. Aid for Kids focuses on needy children, families, the elderly and ill and is a nonprofit organization located in northern Maine. For more information, visit www.aidforkids.org.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Danette Ellis

Telephone Number: (207)532-7584

Website: http://www.aidforkids.org