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Bangor Area NAACP to discuss racial sensitivity program Oct. 23

BANGOR, Maine — The Greater Bangor Area NAACP will discuss a racial sensitivity pilot program that it conducted at the Connors Emerson School in Bar Harbor in May at its upcoming general monthly meeting. The NAACP will discuss the program at 6 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 23, at Husson University’s Kominsky Auditorium, located in Peabody Hall.

Hannah Paradis, 8th grader from Connors Emerson expressed an interest to start a program for Black history Month. Hannah, who is black, asked school administrators is she could open a dialogue in her school about being a member of a racial minority in a mostly white state, for the benefit of all students. The program, held on May 6, 2011, facilitated by the NAACP, grew to include grades 5-8 and five facilitators. The public is welcome and students of all ages are encouraged to attend.

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