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Author Event: Phillip Conkling

Blue Hill -

BLUE HILL, Maine — Author Philip Conkling will present an illustrated talk on the cultural and natural history of Penobscot Bay and its islands. The talk will be based on the new third edition of his book Islands in Time: A Natural and Cultural History of the Islands of the Gulf of Maine first published in 1982.

The new, expanded third edition of Islands in Time contains over 300 images by photographer Peter Ralston. Published by the Island Institute with support from the Charles Engelhard Foundation, this edition includes a comprehensive snapshot of the flora, fauna, and marine-resource-based communities that make Maine’s islands such a treasured part of our state’s iconography, superbly illustrated by images that capture their rugged beauty and the indomitable character of their year-round inhabitants.

Philip Conkling is the Founder and President of the Island Institute, a community development organization that “serves as a voice for the balanced future of the islands and waters of the Gulf of Maine.” As part of his work, he has traveled extensively on voyages to Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and written extensively on the effects of global warming on coastal villages, fishing fleets and ecosystems of northern regions. In particular, he has been interested in how the changes in the northern North Atlantic will affect marine and coastal life on the islands and coast of Maine.

Conkling is the author of several other books, including Lobsters Great and Small-How Fishermen and Scientists are Changing Our Understanding of a Maine Icon (2001) and The Fate of Greenland: Lessons from Abrupt Climate Change (2011). He serves as editor and publisher of Island Journal and The Working Waterfront.

Books will be available for purchase and signing at the event. For more information, call the Library at 374-5515.

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