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MADISON, Maine — The cast of the “The Re-Programming of Jeremy”, appearing at the historic Lakewood Theatre were given a shocking reminder of the reality and timliness of their play’s subject last week, after hearing of the tragic death of Jamey Rodemeyer, a gay teen from Buffalo, New York, who ended his own life after constant bullying.

“I wrote ‘The Re-Programming of Jeremy’ for kids just like Jamey, kids who feel alone,” said Bobby Keniston of Dover-Foxcroft, the writer and director of the play. “The cast and I have been rehearsing since the end of August, and when we heard this news so close to our production, we were deeply saddened. At the same time, it has focused each and every one of us and made us even more determined to get the word out about this play. This is a very important issue to all of us.”

The play was written by Keniston in July of 2010, and is being given its world premier at Lakewood Theater on Setpember 30th at 7pm. There will be a second performance on October 1st, also at 7pm. The play concerns a gay teen named Jeremy who faced bullying at school and pressures at home because of his sexual orientation. After being sent to a “straight camp”, Jeremy ends his life. His story is told by his parents, his best friend, a girl who was in love with him, a sympathetic teacher, the minister of the straight camp, and even Jeremy himself. The play is told in a series of touching monologues, and explores the issues of bullying, tolerance, and self-acceptance.

This play is the first production from Light Baby Productions, a theatrical production company that Keniston started in August. “Light Baby Productions is all about spreading social awareness and human connection through theater,” Keniston said. “It is a medium that is perfect for showing stories that reach people on a human level.”

Keniston and the cast have reached out to several schools, seeking out Civil Rights Teams to attend the performance, with some excellent results. A discussion on bullying and tolerance in Maine will follow the performance. One of Light Baby’s goals is to give back to the community, and in that spirit, ten percent of the proceeds from “The Re-Programming of Jeremy” will be donated to Womancare, who work so hard to end violence in the home and in schools.

“Tolerance is not a political issue, and ‘The Re-Programming of Jeremy’ is not a political play,” Keniston insists. “The only thing this play is trying to push is the importance of every human being given the right to feel safe in their own skin.”

“The Re-Programming of Jeremy” appears at Lakewood Theater on Friday September 30th and Saturday October 1st at 7pm. Tickets will be general admission. If you have any questions, email Bobby Keniston at gnign@hotmail.com

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