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Ancient Maine Artifacts Highlighted at Wilson Museum

Castine -

Brian Robinson, University of Maine

CASTINE – Artifacts of people who lived in Maine around 3000-5000 years ago will be the highlight of the ongoing inventory process at the Wilson Museum this week. Dr. Brian S. Robinson from the University of Maine will visit from 1-4pm on Thursday, August 5th for an informal hands-on discussion.

Sometimes referred to as the Moorehead Burial Tradition, the Maritime Archaic Period, or the Red Paint People artifacts, these tools and objects have generated interest and speculation since the 1800s.

As an archaeologist specializing in the hunter-gatherer societies of Northeastern North America, Dr. Robinson will add background and context to the many artifacts in the Wilson Museum’s collection. The Wilson Museum is located at 120 Perkins Street, Castine, Maine. For more information, call 207-326-9247 or www.wilsonmuseum.org

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