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Amateur Radio Field Day

Alexander, Maine -

ALEXANDER, Maine – Your Area “hams” will join with thousands of amateur radio operators who will be showing off their emergency capabilities. Over the past year, the news has been full of reports of ham radio operators providing critical communications during unexpected emergencies in towns across America including the California wildfires, winter storms, tornadoes and other events worldwide. During Hurricane Katrina, Amateur Radio – often called “Ham Radio” – was often the ONLY way people could communicate, and hundreds of volunteer “hams” traveled south to save lives and property. When trouble is brewing, Amateur Radio’s people are often the first to provide rescuers with critical information and communications. On the weekend of June 25 – 26, the public will have a chance to meet and talk with area ham radio operators and see for themselves what the Amateur Radio Service is about.

The St. Croix Amateur Radio Club will be demonstrating Amateur Radio at the Alexander Elementary School on June 25 through late morning on June 26. They invite the public to come and see ham radio’s capabilities and learn how to get their own FCC radio license before the next disaster strikes. There are over 650,000 Amateur Radio licensees in the US, and more than 2.5 million around the world.  For more information, call 454-7764.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Tom Dwelley

Telephone Number: (207)454-7764

Website: http://