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African Drumming group at University College at Bangor

Bangor -

BANGOR – In recognition of Black History month, University College at Bangor is hosting an West African drum and dance performance by Djump at noon Monda, Feb. 14 at the Event Room in Eastport Hall. The performers will be honored by a visit from Mollishmael Gabah, who is visiting Maine from Ghana. Mollishmael is a cultural instructor and is the founder and director of the Global Ghana Youth Network Organization.
Djump! (pronounced jump) is a local West African drum and dance group based in Camden. The group grew out of a West African drumming adult education course taught by Jeff Wolovitz of Lincolnville.
The djembe is shaped like a bowl resting on a slightly flared pedestal and the entire drum is one piece of carved wood. A goat skin is used for the head and the drum is played with the hands. The other type of drum called the dun-dun is a straight cylinder with a cow skin over each end. Here, you hit one side of the drum with a stick and a small metal striker is used to play a bell perched on top of the drum with the other hand.
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