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Acadia Clinical Research Now Recruiting Participants for Opioid-Induced Constipation Study

Bangor, ME -

BANGOR, Maine — Acadia Clinical Research, a Bangor-based pharmaceutical research clinic, is seeking new volunteers for The KODIAC program of studies, which is looking to determine whether an investigational medication called NKTR-118 can treat opioid-induced constipation in people taking opioid pain medications – such as morphine – for any pain that is not related to cancer.

“Opioid-induced constipation is a very common and unpleasant side-effect experienced by patients who take prescription pain medicines”, explains Gail Baillargeon, founder of Acadia Clinical Research in Bangor. “AstraZeneca, the pharmaceutical company leading this research, has awarded Acadia Clinical Research with their Phase III clinical trial to examine whether their new investigational drug NKTR-118 is effective for patients suffering from this condition.”

The study will run for 52 weeks, and participants have a 2:1 chance of receiving the medication (one group receives the medication, and other receives a placebo along with non-investigational medication). Participants will receive the treatment at no cost, and are asked to make ten visits to Acadia Clinical Research during the study, as well as keep a journal.

Acadia is accepting participants based on the following criteria:

• Participant must be between 18 and 84 years of age
• Participant must be taking at least one prescription opioid
• Participant must experience symptoms such as:
1. fewer than three bowel movements per week
2. hard/lumpy stools
3. straining
4. sensation of incomplete bowel movement.

Interested volunteers who fit the study criteria listed above should contact Gail or Deb at (207) 941-9965, or visit www.acadiaclinical.com for more information.

About Acadia Clinical Research: Established in 2004, Acadia Clinical Research conducts pharmaceutical research with local physicians. The patients’ rights and safety are protected at all times. Participants’ safety is the number one priority of all studies. The Acadia staff boasts more than forty years of clinical research experience, and is widely acknowledged as knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and conscientious in the clinical research field. Acadia’s staff takes pride in their compassionate and caring demeanor, which gives them the ability to provide their participants with outstanding care. For more information, visit www.acadiaclinical.com.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Gail Baillargeon

Telephone Number: (207)941-9965

Website: http://www.acadiaclinical.com

Email: gail@acadiaclinical.com