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4 Young Friends Plan Bus Tour to Raise Money for Local Orgs

Lincolnville -

LINCOLNVILLE – Four young men from Lincolnville are risking it all this summer, for the benefit of small organizations nationwide. Corey McLean, Seth Brown, and Tyler and Silas Dunham are in the midst of planning an ambitious road trip that is centered on an internet based show they are calling Love, the Bus. Launching in the summer of 2011, the interactive show will follow their three-month journey across the country in a renovated school bus. Nearly every day, the four will attempt entertaining and arduous challenges – often posed by viewers themselves – and upon completion will raise funds for local organizations through corporate sponsorship.

According to ‘the Boys’, “Love, the Bus is an effort to encourage individuals to start a positive dialogue and inspire action.” Heartened by their supportive upbringing in the Mid-Coast, their goal is to build optimism in communities nationwide while contributing to extended and meaningful results in organizations directly supported. Further, it aims to demonstrate higher fulfillment that comes from community involvement. Developing Love, the Bus as a web-based TV series allows for viewer interaction, and provides a platform for viewers to send in challenges for the Boys, or complete challenges posed by them. Both methods raise money for organizations that the viewer suggests.

In order to get on the road this summer they need to reach their goal of raising $12,000 by January 31st. This seed funding will allow the four to buy their dream bus, convert it to run on vegetable waste oil, renovate the interior into a space that they can live and work in, and buy much of the production equipment necessary. As of December 30th, they have raised over $7,600 from individuals around the country. Now, they are once again asking for the support of the community that raised them so well.

The Boys are hosting a free fundraising dinner at the Camden Snow Bowl at 6 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 15 and welcome anyone and everyone to come and learn more about the project and get to know the group.

To learn more and contribute today, visit: www.lovethebus.tv

For More Information:

Contact Name: Tyler Dunham

Email: theboys@lovethebus.tv