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3 Receptions Highlight This week’s Eastport Artwalk

Eastport -

Margaret's Poppies

EASTPORT – New works by Eastport’s Dan Butler will be held at The Knott’s So Famous Art Gallery, with a reception from 6-8 on Thursday, July 8th. At the Catbird’s Seat Gallery, Winna Jill Mordasky has a 30 canvas show entitled “The Men of Eastport”. The show opened on July 5th and there will be a reception at the galleryfrom 5-7pm on Friday.¬† At the Nextdoor Gallery on Boynton Street, Owner/Artist Lisa Marquis-Bradbury will be opening her own show called “Summerworks”. She will also feature a few works from her 10 year-old daughter, Audrey Bradbury, whom Eastport artist David Orrell calls one of the most gifted artists in Eastport. There will be an open receptionfrom 6-8pm on Friday, July 9th, with musical guests Denise and John McCurdy. For more information on the Eastport Art scene visit www.eastportartwalk.com

For More Information:

Contact Name: Will Bradbury

Telephone Number: (207)853-4765

Website: http://www.eastportartwalk.com

Email: wbwillbradbury182@gmail.com