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Teaching for a Better World, June 28-July 2 in Surry

Surry -

Students participating in discussion outside at the Institute for Humane Education's facility at last year's Summer Institute, 2009

SURRY – The Institute for Humane Education if offering Teaching for a Better World: A Summer Institute for Teachers, June 28-July 2, 2010, held at the Institute for Humane Education in Surry, Maine. The Institute invites classroom teachers and community educators to spend a week learning to bring the interconnected issues of social justice, environmental preservation, human rights and animal protection into their classrooms and communities in ways that vitalize their teaching and adds even greater depth and relevancy to their curricula. New and experienced educators with an interest to inspire their students to think critically and creatively about the world are encouraged to attend – regardless of the grade they teach, the educational setting, or the subject areas in which they specialize.

Zoe Weil, President of the Institute for Humane Education, said: “If we’re serious about preparing young people for their future, educators and schools everywhere must provide students with the knowledge, tools, and motivation required to create healthy, peaceful, and sustainable lives for themselves, other people, all species and the planet.”

Each day is designed to give participants an opportunity for personal and professional inquiry into global ethical issues and the core tenets and purpose of education and teaching. Participants will learn about interconnected global issues and will examine the way their own education has shaped their experience as an educator and the role education plays in the health and future of our planet.Participants will receive a certificate of completion and four continuing education unit credits (CEUs), if desired and for $10 fee, through the University of Maine for completion of this program (equivalent to 40 contact hours). The fee for the weeklong course is $575 and includes tuition, course reading materials, lunches and snacks. People can learn more and register at: www.HumaneEducation.org , or email info@humaneeducation.org or call (207) 667-1025. Space is limited.

The Institute for Humane Education is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) educational organization dedicated to fostering peace, sustainability and compassion through humane education. Humane education approaches human rights, environmental preservation and animal protection as interconnected and integral dimensions of a healthy, just society. Headquartered in Surry, Maine, the Institute for Humane Education has been training humane educators and promoting humane education since 1996. The Institute for Humane Education offers online programs, workshops and institutes, a certificate in humane education, and a dynamic resource-filled website: www.HumaneEducation.org .

For More Information:

Contact Name: Amy Morley

Telephone Number: 207-667-1025

Website: http://humaneeducation.org

Email: amy@humaneeducation.org