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Lighthouse Museum Offers Immortality Recognition

Rockland -

The Maine LIghthouse Museum in Rockland, the largest lighthouse museum in the nation, is now selling entryway bricks as part of its ongoing fund raising efforts.

ROCKLAND – The Maine Lighthouse Museum is now offering people the chance of a lifetime to leave their mark on history with the purchase of a commemorative brick that will be permanently displayed on the sidewalk entryway to the museum.

At a cost of only $75.00 per brick, people and businesses can purchase a personalized brick inscribed with three lines of text with up to 20 letters per line. Paul Dilger, President of the Maine Lighthouse Museum, said, “It’s the perfect way for anyone to leave a lasting legacy that will be viewed for many years into the future by the tens of thousands of people who will cross the threshold to the museum for decades to come.

In offering suggestions for brick purchases, Dot Black, Executive Director of the Maine Lighthouse Museum said, “As well as buying a brick for yourself, bricks can be purchased to honor loved ones, such as grandparents, grandchildren, spouse, favorite relative, neighbor or even that special pet. Other suggestions would be a special date in your life such as a wedding date, birthday, a graduation date or when you met your spouse.”

David Vaughn, a member of the Board of Directors of the Museum, who is spearheading the brick program, said commemorative brick programs like this have been very successful at numerous museums, historic sites and lighthouses around the country. He pointed out that one of the most successful brick programs was completed a few years ago at the large walkway at Avery Point Lighthouse in Connecticut. “Just think of seeing your name or the name of a friend, or loved one, on display on the walkway at the museum. Thousands of people who come to Rockland will stop and read the names on the walkway and entrance to the museum.”

Vaughn also hopes that many local businesses will purchase a brick. He said, “It’s a great advertisement for any business. For a one time fee of $75.00 a business gets a lifetime of free advertising. Who can beat a deal like that?”

Tim Harrison, publisher of the Maine-based Lighthouse Digest, a national lighthouse history and news magazine, agrees with Vaughn saying, “As soon as I found out about the brick program, I bought one for Lighthouse Digest. And within about two hours time I sold a dozen bricks for the museum. Hopefully, the public will jump on the band wagon to help support the museum.” Harrison went on to say, “Rockland is very fortunate to have such a premier museum, but in order for the museum to stay viable it needs funds that are above and beyond admission fees and commemorative bricks are one way to accomplish that goal.”

“The Maine Lighthouse Museum, founded by the late Ken Black, is the best museum of its kind in the nation with more rare and historic lighthouses lenses on display than any place in the world,” said Dilger. “But the museum needs financial support and this is one of the most unique ways that anyone, of any age, can help the museum and preserve their own personal legacy or the legacy of a loved one with a lasting tribute.”

Dot Black said that she also hopes some of the lighthouse groups will step forward to purchase a brick. She continued by saying, “Almost upon hearing of brick program, Little River Lighthouse in Cutler and Race Point Lighthouse on Cape Cod purchased bricks. I’m sure others will step forward now that the word is starting to get out. Ken Black did a lot for saving lighthouse history and artifacts and hopefully many will step forward to help continue us that legacy.”

Brick purchase forms can be found on-line at www.MaineLighthouseMuseum.org or by stopping by the museum at One Park Drive on Rockland’s downtown waterfront. For more information you can call the museum at 207-594-3301.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Dot Black

Telephone Number: 2075943301

Website: http://MaineLighthouseMuseum.org

Email: Timh@lhdigest.com