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Help for Guatemala

Orland, ME -

ORLAND – Recently twin natural disasters devastated the people of Guatemala; a volcano eruption and tropical storm that killed nearly 200 people. My heart breaks when I see on television and the newspaper the devastation brought upon the people of Guatemala. Beyond the deaths caused by the disasters, many more individuals, families, and communities were destroyed by the disasters.

For many years, HOME Inc community members have been helping an indigenous Mayan community in the mountains of Guatemala. In the past, we have helped build a community center, housing for homeless and devastated families, establish a weaving co-op, and helped build water systems in order to provide families with fresh running water.

On Wednesday the 16th of June a small group of us are are making a trip down to Guatemala. We are going down to the town of San Juan Comalapa, which is located in the mountains that were heavily hit by both disasters. We have a chance, to make a small difference to at least one family whose home was destroyed by a mudslide caused by flooding due the tropical storm. We are raising money so we can help rebuild her home. The people of San Juan Comalapa are very poor and this woman is no exception. We visited her home last year and it consisted of little more then a mud hut. This is our chance to help a family that lost everything. If you would like to help please send or drop any donations off to HOME INC at 90 School House Road (PO box 10) in Orland ME, 04472. One can also donate money through HOME’s website www.homecoop.net. Thank you!

For More Information:

Contact Name: Karen

Telephone Number: 207-469-7961

Website: http://homecoop.net