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What Are All Those Markings on Our Streets?

Hampden, ME -

On May 1st, local teenagers Julia Hidu and Gabrielle Brodek descended on Hampden’s Westbrook Terrace neighborhood sporting spray paint, blaze orange shirts, and stencils. While this might seem suspicious, they were there to assist with a water quality education campaign for the Town of Hampden and the Bangor Area Storm Water Group (BASWG) by stenciling Hampden’s storm drains.

In this public awareness initiative, the two girls painted a stenciled message: “Reduce Your Use of Lawn Chemicals – Drains to Stream” on approximately 85 storm drains, and left informational door-hangers at each of the nearly 140 houses within the neighborhood. Both the stencils and door-hangers feature a bright yellow Rubber Ducky, harkening back to the Rubber Ducky ads that aired on television several years ago.

Just like the ads, this stenciling project aims to make people aware of the fact that storm drains are not connected to a public sewer. As a result, anything that flows into them will not be treated, but will drain directly to the local streams. It is important for people to realize that all products that are applied to their lawn and gardens can easily be carried down storm drains and into local waterways by rainwater. Each individual property can contribute to the cumulative decline of water quality in our local streams and rivers. Through this campaign, residents are encouraged to reduce or eliminate their use of lawn chemicals, and are given information that will help them achieve a lush green lawn in an environmentally friendly manner.

Check out www.BASWG.org for ways to keep your lawn looking great while keeping our waterways healthy. For more information about storm drain stenciling projects, contact Chris Brewer at the Penobscot County Soil and Water Conservation District, 990-3676 x3.

For More Information:

Contact Name: Chris Brewer, Penobscot County Soil and Water Conservation District

Telephone Number: (207)990-3676

Website: http://www.baswg.org